Pamela Bullock

She (Pamela Bullock) then threw a marker at him, hitting on the head.

This happened over a year ago and was only just broken by and all the major news outlets are ignoring it. I’m sure if a white teacher did the same thing to a crippled black kid we’d never hear about as well.

It was national story when some teacher made racist comments about the McKinney incident (none of her students were involved).

A white Cincinnati teacher who made a similar comment got much more media coverage and got it immediately rather than waiting a year as some afterthought in article about teachers misbehaving in general.

It’s almost as if there is there’s a double standard when it comes to reporting on black-on-white racism than vice versa. It’s like the media wants you to think that one doesn’t exist at all.

I’m sure Ms. Bullock will be fine and will likely get another job in teaching, perhaps she’ll have your child next year. Don’t belive me? That nut I posted about a few days ago already has a new job and this retard who encouraged white people to commit mass suicide still has his job at Shimer College. I could post thousands articles of professors (black and white) saying stupid stuff about white people that would get them fired and have their face plastered all over the media if they said it about black people.

Remember, the education system and the media totally aren’t controlled by liberals.