The big news today was Planned Parenthood admitting to selling the body parts of fetuses. Guess fetuses aren’t human but their body parts still are.

I am mixed about abortion. I believe it should be an option in cases of rape, incest, underaged mothers and if the mother is very sick. Late term abortions should be illegal as fetuses at that point are undeniably human. I am not in complete support of banning abortion in cases aside from the ones I listed, but I believe there should be a massive stigma against them. Getting an abortion just because you don’t want one or it isn’t convenient is unbelievably pathetic and selfish just in the way that a father abandoning his kids is. This is more evidence of the liberal-backed death of responsibility.

Of course banning abortion in certain cases won’t prevent women from getting abortions, so I propose making birth control more affordable and accessible. The best method to avoid getting pregnant is of course abstinence, but people don’t listen to that.