Obama’s ever increasing fed has been scrutinizing data from loans, places of work, schools and credit cards to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites. This comes shortly after Obama said he’d try to make way for more affordable housing in wealthy areas. Like your nice, safe middle-class neighborhood? Well you’re about to be flooded with Section 8 trash because they deserve “equal opportunity”. It can’t be that there is a specific reason why some people remain in poverty, no, it’s always the fault of you, the white middle-class taxpayer.

This really shows the horrors of a big federal government. The liberals have pumped up the federal government ridiculously over the past 50 years and now look what we have, a government that continues to spy on us without fear while it is all publicly known. Elected local officials can no longer be the ones to help out with their communities, no, it has be some unelected bureaucrat living 500 miles away.

I hope that many local officials will defy King Barry’s orders, but I don’t doubt for a second that some slimy liberal journalist will have their face plastered all over the media and have everyone calling them a racist while getting them fired and releasing all their personal information. Sounds like a really fair, equal society.