On Monday, 35-year-old illegal Juan Emmanuel Razo attempted to rape a young girl than went on a crime spree. He shot and wounded a 40-year-old woman in front of her children, murdered an elderly woman an hour later than shot at police before being arrested. Razo had been questioned for trespassing a few weeks ago and authorities contacted U.S. Customs and Border Protection who told them hew an illegal, but should not be detained (guess being in the country illegally isn’t a reason to be detained).

The blood is on the hands of liberals and wimpy “conservatives” who allow all this third-world garbage to flood our country. There are so many examples of American citizens being murdered by illegals and these pussies refuse to do anything because they’re afraid of being accused of xenophobia or racism. Bigotry and prejudice are often justified and illegal immigration is a completely legitimate reason to be bigoted. Illegals take jobs from Americans, suck up welfare benefits and commit countless crimes against Americans. People worry about ISIS and Iran, but they ignore the much bigger threat of third-world trash spilling into our country everyday.

This case also shows the evils of federalism. A local police force had the opportunity to take an illegal into custody and start the process of sending him back. However, the federal organization, knowing that this guy was in the country illegally, told the police to let him loose and know a woman is dead, another is injured and several children are traumatized.

While it may seem that I direct most of my anger at the illegals themselves, my real anger is with the politicians who let them come into the country. The fact that our elected leaders are more enraged at a guy like Donald Trump telling the truth rather than illegals murdering Americans shows that they don’t care about Americans. They are causing much more damage to America than the illegals themselves by doing this.

At least we have Chipotle though.