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August 2015

Crimes that #blacklivesmatter is responsible for

Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth and his killer Shannon Miles 


Murder of two NYPD officers in December, 2014.

Murder of two journalists on live TV

Murder of Darren Goforth, Houston Deputy.


Several waves of riots in Ferguson. At least 9 people have been shot, several more injured, dozens of stores looted and burned and over $4.6M in property damage.

Riot in Baltimore. 113 officers injured, $9M in damage, and 300+ stores damaged and 200+ fires.

Mob Attacks

Airman beaten in Charlotte.

Marine beaten at Mississippi Waffle House.

Man beaten on St. Louis train after Mike Brown question.

Family attacked in Alabama.

Couple attacked in Springfield, Missouri.

Of course none of the leaders of blacklivesmatter will appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “extremists”. The SPLC is busy fighting the real threats like Matt Heimbach, who horrifically created a “White Student Union” on his college campus or Ramzpaul, who regularly engages in the terrifying activity of stating his opinions in YouTube videos. 


Debunking New America’s Terrorism Study

A study has been circulating around the internet for several months that claims that white extremists are a far bigger threat to Americans than Islamists. This based on terrorist deaths since 9/11. Unsurprisingly, liberal media came in their pants when this study came out. Also unsurprising is that there are many problems with this study.

The study claims that 26 people have been killed by Jihadists and 48 by white right-wingers since 9/11, of course ignoring that 9/11 is the greatest mass slaughter of Americans since the civil war. The study also completely ignores the issue of proportions. There may be more deaths due to whites than muslims but there are far more whites than muslims in the United States.

According to 2010 U.S. Census, there were 2.77 million muslims and 198 million non-hispanic whites in America.

Muslim terrorism rate: 26 murders/2.77M = 9.4 murders per 1M

White terrorism rate: 48 murders/198M = 0.24 murders per 1M

So according to data from this study the average american muslim is about 39 times more likely to commit a terrorist murder than the average white american.

The other problem with this study is the incidences they count as terrorism. Several of right-wing attacks were just people with links to fringe groups who committed murders for various reasons. If that counts as terrorism, than the study should count the 17 murders attributed to the beltway snipers and the 5 murders at the Chattanooga recruitment station which would even the death tolls at 48.

Here are some of the incidences that stretch the definition of “terrorism” pretty far:

2004 Tulsa Bank Robbery – Father and Son were looking for money to fund attack people they felt were responsible for the Waco massacre.

2009 Ft. Walton, FL Shooting – Man kills two officers after he beats his wife. Listed as terrorism because he had an interest in anti-government groups

2010 Austin Suicide Attack – Not right-wing, even the far-left Daily Kos admits this.

2010 Carlisle, PA Murder – Man kills other man to steal an AR-15. Counted as terrorism because he claimed he wanted to overthrow the government.

2011 FEAR Militia – Militia members murder 3 associates. Counted as terrorism because they were plotting attacks against the government

2012 Tri-State Killing Spree – 2 of the 4 murders were not racially motivated.

2014 Blooming Grove Police Shooting – Not right-wing, the killer, Eric Frein, had a general dislike of law enforcement and appeared in an anti-Nazi film and would often portray communist soldiers

The study also makes no mention of leftist terrorism, like the murder of Jim Pouillion, murders of NYPD officers, the murder of two journalists a few days ago and the massacre of 8 white “racists” in 2010. There are of course the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and various mob attacks in retaliation for police killings as well.

All this study intends to do is demonize white people and people on the far-right. It takes a tiny portion of crimes that are committed and blows it up to make it seem like white rightists are killing innocent minorities and leftists all over the place. They will never mention the fact that blacks only make up 12% of the population but over half of the murderers in the country or the countless amount of crimes committed by illegal Mexicans. All they want to do is further demonize whites and traditionalists so they can move closer towards their ultimate goal of destroying western society.

Sign the petition! Demand local approval for refugee resettlement

Source: Sign the petition! Demand local approval for refugee resettlement

16-year-old with Downs Syndrome is Raped by Illegal

The latest act of cultural enrichment from our friends south of the border.

I don’t know what to say. Every other day there is story of a previously deported illegal being arrested for some unspeakable crime and leftists still act like the real bigots are the people pointing out that allowing a bunch of third-world garbage to pollute your country is dumb.

RIP Germany

Every refugee housing accommodation, only a Fourth Reich can stop this.


Rutgers University: Free Speech Doesn’t Exist because “muh feels”

Once again the leftist indoctrination machine known as higher education has traditional American values in it’s crosshairs.

Rutgers Univerisity’s “Bias Prevention & Education Committee” (this actually exists), published a guide to avoid “bias incidents” on campus. What are “bias incidents” you may ask? Allow them to explain:

“Bias Acts Are: Verbal, written, physical, psychological acts that threaten or harm a person or group on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, civil union status, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity or cellular blood trait, military service or veteran status”

This may seem reasonable at first, but you have to remember that pretty much every “hate crime” that has happened on college campuses in the past few years has been hoax and that these people get offended at the drop of a hat. Any criticism of the gay/tranny agenda, abortion, Islam or immigration will be probably labelled as a “bias act” all while the campus marxists will be free to call for deaths of men, white people, america and western civilization. This could not be more apparent as the guide actually instructs students to “Join activities, programs, courses, and practices that promote diversity and social justice.” Yeah, the university system totally isn’t controlled by leftists with an agenda.

But perhaps the scariest part of the shitfest is that guide opens up saying, “There is no such thing as ‘free’ speech. All speech has a cost and consequences.” It is true that all speech has some effect, but these people are implying that people should not be allowed to say something just because some tiny minority may be offended by it. They want to live in a circlejerk in which they are never challenged.

Full article from The Daily Caller 

Poverty Causes Crime? Meet White Appalachia

Cincinnati Is A Dump

Newsflash: The Top 10 Poorest Counties in America are in Appalachia and populated By Whites.

Folks, this is REAL Poverty seen below, as in no subsidized vouchers to pay for modern forced Central Air (HVAC) with which to set at 85F in the dead of winter paid for by tax payers, but (Whites) Living with NO power or running water, and using stoves that burn wood or coal for heat. No government supplied vouchers are sent to Appalachian families to burn said wood either.
Don’t cut wood= No heat.
Not many Section 8 vouchers either for that matter, in this neck of the woods. Majority White West Virginia is much safer than majority black Mississippi, despite being one of the poorest states in America.   West Virginia is the 2nd poorest state (behind only Mississippi), the 4th whitest state at 93.9% white, and is the 13th safest state vs Mississippi which…

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Incomplete List of Black-on-White Mass Murders


Here's the Real News

Last Update: 08/18/15

After the leftist media completely ignored the massacre of 8 people, including six children, by a black man in Houston, I thought I’d do some research into black-on-white massacres and how the media covered them. I wasn’t surprised that there were very many cases and that many of them received no national media coverage.

Here is an incomplete list of black-on-white mass murders:

(*) indicates case did not generate national media coverage

Some older cases

Chicago, Illinois, 1972: Black gang of Vietnam veterans calling themselves “De Mau Mau” kill 12 whites in serial attacks.*

Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, September 6, 1972: Gang of 5 blacks murders and robs 8 whites and injures 8 more while shouting racial slurs.*

New Orleans, Louisiana, December 31 1972-January 7 1973: Ex-Black Panther Mark Essex goes on rampage targeting white people. He kills 9 people, including 5 police officers…

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U of Alabama Sorority Forced to Apologize for Being White, Happy, and Beautiful

Seems like a fine video right? Lots of hot girls having a good time. Well, if you think this you are racist, fatphobic and misogynist and need to check your privilege.

No, seriously, some probably obese and menopausal cunt named A.L. Bailey had this to say about the video.

“No, it’s not a slick Playboy Playmate or Girls Gone Wild video. It’s a sorority recruiting tool gaining on 500,000 views in its first week on YouTube. It’s a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing, bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator sunglasses. It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering.

Are they recruiting a diverse and talented group of young women embarking on a college education? Upon first or even fifth glance, probably not. Hormonal college-aged guys? Most assuredly yes. Older, male YouTube creepers? A resounding yes.”

Oh no! Not beautiful, feminine white women being happy! Muh feels! We need more black women and fat women because diversity. Diversity always makes everything better! Everything in life has to be a perfect representation of what I want!

Notice how she mentions that the video is “unempowering” because she thinks they’re just trying to attract men. Well, maybe that’s what they want to do. Doing what they want sounds pretty empowering to me. It’s certainly more empowering than bitching about women who are prettier than you.

The video displays beautiful white women being happy in a racially-homogenous community, liberal kryptonite. Liberals hate the fact that white women can be happy and successful without people of any other race around. They hate women who act like women and not like shitty facsimiles of men. They also hate healthy beautiful women who make their lazy fat asses feel ugly.

Unfortunately, U of Alabama doesn’t have any balls and pulled the video, another incident of some institution caving into whiny liberals.

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