Late Saturday night, a 48-year-old black man named David Conley broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend and shot her, her husband, and her six children. He then shot at police before surrendering to police a few hours later.

Did you hear about this? You very well may not have. Seems crazy that you wouldn’t hear about a man massacring eight people, including six children, with a gun. Sounds like a liberal’s wet dream.

The reason you didn’t hear about this is in the opening sentence of this article, the shooter was black and taken alive, even after shooting at police. This story is liberal kryptonite. A black man going on a killing spree wrecks their retarded fantasy that gun violence is a white problem, of course ignoring the daily masses of black gun violence in pretty much every major city in the country. It also has a black man being taken alive after shooting at police. You’ve probably seen some picture of comparisons between white mass murderers who were taken alive, like James Holmes and Dylann Roof, and black people who’d been killed by police like Mike Brown and Eric Garner. However, this incident proves how bullshit and cherry-picked these examples are. You could easily compare Conley, John Muhammad, Lee Malvo, Jesse Wise, Nidal Hasan, Colin Ferguson or Nathan Dunlap to some unarmed white person killed by police.

Most media outlets did not pick up on the story until hours after it happened. There wasn’t even a wikipedia article on it until a day after it happened. There were no twitter hashtags or any smug liberals making pleas for gun-grabbing. Only 1 less black person died in this incident than in the Charleston tragedy. Why weren’t their any campaigns to get some flag removed? Four times as many people died in this shooting than in the Lafayette theater shooting las month. That incident was picked up instantly and had Amy Schumer and her scumbag cousin Chuck Schumer making pleas for gun-grabbing as well as lots of twitter users whining about “muh evil white priveledged patriarchy nra republicans micro-assault high-capacity clip military grade AK-15 shotguns”. The only reason these shootings received far more attention is because they fit into the leftist media fantasy about evil right-wing white males shooting innocent people.

If you still don’t believe in media narrative and liberal dominance of media, then your beyond helping.