After the leftist media completely ignored the massacre of 8 people, including six children, by a black man in Houston, I thought I’d do some research into black-on-white massacres and how the media covered them. I wasn’t surprised that there were very many cases and that many of them received no national media coverage.

Here is an incomplete list of black-on-white mass murders:

(*) indicates case did not generate national media coverage

Some older cases

Chicago, Illinois, 1972: Black gang of Vietnam veterans calling themselves “De Mau Mau” kill 12 whites in serial attacks.*

Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, September 6, 1972: Gang of 5 blacks murders and robs 8 whites and injures 8 more while shouting racial slurs.*

New Orleans, Louisiana, December 31 1972-January 7 1973: Ex-Black Panther Mark Essex goes on rampage targeting white people. He kills 9 people, including 5 police officers and injures 13 more before being killed.

San Francisco, California, 1973-74: Known as the Zebra murders, a group of black muslims calling themselves “Death Angels” kill 16 whites and injure 8 more in serial attacks. May have killed up to 80 victims.

Ogden, Utah, April 22, 1974: “Hi-Fi murders”, two black airmen rape, rob and torture five white people. Three died and the other two are permanently injured.

Kilgore, Texas, September 23, 1983: Five white employees of a KFC are murdered during a robbery by two black cousins and an unknown third perpetrator.

California, December 7, 1987: David Burke, who’d been fired from his airline job for drug-smuggling, gets on a plane and causes it to crash, killing himself and 42 others. The crew was all white and I assume that passengers were mostly white as well.*

Jacksonville, Florida, June 17-18, 1990: James Edward Pough goes on a killing spree at a General Motors office, killing 11 and injuring 6, mostly white.

Long Island, New York, December 7, 1993: Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson, who wanted to start a race war, kills 6 white people and injures 19 more on the Long Island Railroad

Aurora, Colorado, December 13, 1993: Nathan Dunlap murders 4 former co-workers at the Chuck E. Cheese where he used to work.

Kilgore, Texas, July 21, 1994: DaRoyce Mosley and two accomplices kill 4 whites in a robbery.*

Some more recent cases

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 9, 1996: Clifton McCree, who wanted to “punish some of the cowardly, racist devils”, kills 5 white ex-coworkers before killing himself.

Aiken, South Carolina, September 15, 1997: Hastings Wise goes on a rampage at former workplace, killing 4 white people and injuring 3 others before attempting suicide.*

Wichita, Kansas. December 2000: Two black brothers go on a week long crime spree that results in the robbery, rape, torture and murder of 5 white people and serious injury of another.

Deltona, Florida, August 6, 2004: 4 men, 3 black and 1 white, murder 6 people, 5 white 1 black, over an Xbox and a few other possessions. 

Richmond, Virginia, January 1, 2006: White family of 4 is robbed and brutally killed by three blacks. They are linked to four other murders.

Indianapolis, Indiana, June 1, 2006: White/Mestizo family of 7 is killed by two blacks.

Reno, Nevada, October 31, 2006: 12 people are killed (race unknown but most residents appear to be white) and 30 are injured at a fire at the Mizpah hotel. The arsonist is Valerie Moore, a black woman who had previously served time for murder.*

Tinley Park, Illinois, February 2, 2008: Unknown black man robs Lane Bryant store and kills 5 women, three white.

Kirkwood, Missouri, February 7, 2008: Charles Thornton kills six white people over a legal dispute.*

Oakland, California, March 21, 2009: Black ex-con Lovelle Mixon kills 4 white police officers.

Pearcy, Arkansas, November 12, 2009: Three blacks murder 5 white family members for rims.*

Parkland, Washington, November 29, 2009: Black ex-con Maurice Clemmons kills 4 white police officers.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 26, 2010: Two blacks kill two white women and two children.*

Manchester, Connecticut, August 3, 2010: Omar Thornton gets fired from his job and returns to his workplace with two guns and kills 8 white “racists” before killing himself.*

Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 7, 2011: Roderick Dantzler goes “hunting” mudshark ex-girlfriends and their families. Kills 7 before killing himself. *

Denver, Colorado, October 27, 2012: Three blacks murder 5 white people in a bar for $170.*

Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 7, 2013: Two black brothers kill 4 white women in a robbery.*

Southern California, February 2013: Chris Dorner goes on a rampage against police “racists” killing 4 before being killed.

Washington DC, September 16, 2013: Black veteran Aaron Alexis kills 12 people, 8 white, at a navy yard.

Kansas City, Missouri, September 2, 2014: Black ex-con Brandon Howell kills 5 white people in robberies.*

Washington DC, May 14, 2015: Daron Wint kills a white family of 4 in a robbery.

I got most of these from looking through USA Today’s database on mass killings. There were a few cases in there that I strongly suspected were black-on-white but couldn’t find enough info on. The database only goes back to 2006 and judging by the rate of black-on-white mass murders occurring since them, it’d be safe to assume that there were dozens of black-on-white massacres between the 1970s and 2005.

I also did not count black serial killers unless they specifically targeted white people because of their race. I could’ve easily tacked Coral Watts or Derrick Todd Lee to this list.

Yeah, but white people are the ones causing all the racial violence.