A 32-year-old man and his 13-year-old niece were in a parking lot in Rochester, Minnesota when a group of Somalis began harassing the girl for wearing a hat with the confederate flag on it. Real tough guys. The girl’s uncle intervened and the filthy savages beat him. To make the story even better you have to remember that most Somalis were released into the Twin Cities area through the Federal Refugee Resettlement program. Thanks big fed! Thanks for serving the American people by releasing these animals in our neighborhoods!

This is just the most recent in a wave of crimes relating to the confederate flag. They include the murder of Anthony Harvey, a black man who supported the confederate flag, several shootings and mob attacks and a brutal home invasion. Guess the flag really does cause violence, but not in the way that the media and Southern Poverty Law Center were hoping for. Just like my post on black-on-white mass murders shows, the media’s narrative of who’s committing racial violence is always a lie.

As you may remember, last month two white men placed four confederate flags outside MLK’s church. The incident was national news and somehow warranted a federal investigation. An act of dickish vandalism got nationwide attention and a federal investigation. The countless assaults that have occurred due people with Confederate flags being targeted will not get a federal investigation. They will not get any smug articles from the SPLC nor will they get any national media attention. They will continue to happen unabated because the media and police are afraid of doing anything that might be considered offensive.