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Last Update: 08/18/15

After the leftist media completely ignored the massacre of 8 people, including six children, by a black man in Houston, I thought I’d do some research into black-on-white massacres and how the media covered them. I wasn’t surprised that there were very many cases and that many of them received no national media coverage.

Here is an incomplete list of black-on-white mass murders:

(*) indicates case did not generate national media coverage

Some older cases

Chicago, Illinois, 1972: Black gang of Vietnam veterans calling themselves “De Mau Mau” kill 12 whites in serial attacks.*

Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, September 6, 1972: Gang of 5 blacks murders and robs 8 whites and injures 8 more while shouting racial slurs.*

New Orleans, Louisiana, December 31 1972-January 7 1973: Ex-Black Panther Mark Essex goes on rampage targeting white people. He kills 9 people, including 5 police officers…

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