Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth and his killer Shannon Miles 


Murder of two NYPD officers in December, 2014.

Murder of two journalists on live TV

Murder of Darren Goforth, Houston Deputy.


Several waves of riots in Ferguson. At least 9 people have been shot, several more injured, dozens of stores looted and burned and over $4.6M in property damage.

Riot in Baltimore. 113 officers injured, $9M in damage, and 300+ stores damaged and 200+ fires.

Mob Attacks

Airman beaten in Charlotte.

Marine beaten at Mississippi Waffle House.

Man beaten on St. Louis train after Mike Brown question.

Family attacked in Alabama.

Couple attacked in Springfield, Missouri.

Of course none of the leaders of blacklivesmatter will appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “extremists”. The SPLC is busy fighting the real threats like Matt Heimbach, who horrifically created a “White Student Union” on his college campus or Ramzpaul, who regularly engages in the terrifying activity of stating his opinions in YouTube videos.