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September 2015

UN Tries to Censor the Internet to Protect Feminist’s Feelings

Reason #154647 as to why women should not be in charge of shit.

I guess that I was wrong in my thought that feminism wasn’t that big of a threat to society. You could have your internet access shut off and thrown in jail for disagreeing with a feminists or calling a tranny by their birth name. Of course feminists will still be free to tweet #KillAllMen and dox their “harassers”.


Salon and National Review Advocate Pedophile Acceptance

NRO ArticleSalon article

The slippery slope doesn’t exist goy!

Leftist rag Salon and cuckservative publication National Review have both published articles in defense of pedophilia because “they were born this way” exactly the same way they pushed fag acceptance. The fact that the MSM is pushing pedophilia now should not come as a surprise to any intelligent person as the very basis of gay rights movement was the legalization of child rape.

Can’t wait for 2020 when dogfucking and necrophilia becomes mainstream.

Planet of the Apes

Scenes like this will become very common in the Western world. Race war now.

US Trained One of ISIS’s top men

Least surprising news item of the day.

From Rare:

Tarkhan Batirashvili, also known as Abu Omar al Shishani, has been responsible for some of the Islamic State’s biggest victories in Syria. Batirashvili is a Chechen who joined the former Soviet republic of Georgia’s military and fought the Russians in 2008. He later made his way to Turkey and from there went into Syria.

“We trained him well, and we had lots of help from America,” said a former Georgian defense official who asked to not be identified because of the sensitivity of Batirashvili’s role in the Islamic State. “In fact, the only reason he didn’t go to Iraq to fight alongside America was that we needed his skills here in Georgia.”

Even before Georgia and Russia came to blows in 2008, Batirashvili had earned a reputation for fighting Russians. While a part of Georgia, the Pankisi Valley’s northern end abuts Chechnya, where separatists fought a brutal war for independence from Russia in the 1990s. Batirashvili’s mother was Chechen, and his father has told local journalists that young Batirashvili had seen a handful of military operations as a rebel in Chechnya before joining Georgia’s military in 2006 at age 20. …

According to Batirashvili’s ex-comrades in the Georgian military, Batirashvili was tapped immediately upon his enlistment to join Georgia’s U.S.-trained special forces

Another day in the horrors of the NeoCohens reckless interventionist policy. We have stick our heads in every conflict just because Israel or Saudi Arabia told us to. We keep making things worse yet the NeoCohens still push for war everywhere and our sons and innocent civilians pay the ultimate price. Whatever happened to “America First”?

Hopefully this story will destroy the myth that Putin is some evil fascist dictator and rather a true patriot fighting scumbags who want to destroy his people and their culture, but I’m being way to optimistic.

ISIS-obsessed Danish Girl kills Mother

A blonde 15-year-old Danish girl received a 9 year prison sentence after killing her mother with her 29-year-old muslim invader boyfriend.

This story is simply a result of a liberal society. “Liberated” young girl dates a much older “refugee” and ends up killing her mom. Once again, fuck feminists for telling young girls it’s okay to have sex with anyone they want to, fuck muslims for being barbarian invaders and of course most of all, fuck leftists for allowing all of this to happen.

14-year-old Norwegian Girl Gang-Raped by Black Savages; Rapists get Minor Penalties

The daily horrors of a multicultural society, brought to you by leftist faggots.

To paraphrase the story: 14-year-old white Norwegian is kidnapped by three subhuman African apes and gang-raped repeatedly in several different locations. The three apes are arrested and go to trial. One ape gets 10 months in jail and another gets community service. The third ape didn’t even show up to his trial and instead of immediately being arrested for failure to appear, he simply got his trial postponed.

This case is similar to one in Sweden in which a Somali invader raped an 11-year-old and received 22 hours of community service. Remember that these are two of the most feminist countries on earth.

Speaking of feminists, why aren’t they outraged with these cases?

Oh wait, a puppet’s new girlfriend is skinner than his last, clearly the rape jihads aren’t as important.

Feminists really deserve a huge fuck you. They freak about trivial shit like Kermit having a thin new girlfriend or a genius scientist having a shirt with naked women on it (Matt Taylor). Of course they are silent about the rape plagues throughout Europe because they, like the police in these countries, are to scared of being called racist.

Whiny entitled black people also deserve a fuck you. You guys are always whining about oppression and white privilege, yet you follow us everywhere, ruining our schools, neighborhoods, cities and now countries because you all know deep down that you could never survive without us.

Of course the biggest fuck you goes to the faggot leftist politicians who are responsible for all of this. You guys lie and distort the media and brainwash our children into believing that “refugees” and immigrants are all innocent women and children fleeing war and poverty when in reality you know they are mostly young men with nothing but rape, jihad and gibsmedat on their minds. Of course most of you fags will be more offended by my article then the actual brutal rape of a young girl. I sincerely hope all of you get viciously attacked by a third-world savage so you will finally wake up to the cancer that is cultural marxism. As the Charlie Hebdo shootings proved, you’re pet blacks/muslims that you show to all your friends to show what a good goy you are, hate you and want to kill and dominate you.

Vanderbilt University to Lecture Men about “Healthy Masculinity”

aka being pussy-whipped faggot.

Healthy Masculinities Week” hopes to encourage men to “[e]xplore healthy masculinity through various lenses,” such as “American society, the gay and bisexual community, fraternities, and more.”

The first event as part of the “Healthy Masculinities Week” is called, “The Macho Paradox: Why some men hurt and how all men can help.” The title is a reference to a book by Jackson Katz, who is a self-proclaimed “anti-sexist activist” and the speaker for the event.

The advertisement for “Healthy Masculinities Week,” which was emailed to members of the student body, includes a portrayal man with a thought bubble, thinking, “Don’t cry,” “Have sex,” “Major in business,” “Play sports,” and “Man up.” Allegedly, these are examples of unhealthy masculinity.

Higher education is just the gift that keeps that keeps on giving. It’s totally a place for young people to find out who they really are and not an expensive leftist indoctrination machine.

This event shows the feminist war to destroy traditional gender roles and turn each gender into shitty facsimiles of the other. They hate men who are strong leaders (ex. Trump) and women who are “conventionally” beautiful and modest (ex. Taylor Swift).

Feminism is nothing more than another cog in the leftist machine to destroy Western Civilization

Debunking the Myth that Most Mass Murderers are White

Liberals constantly point out that most mass murderers are supposedly white, of course completely ignoring the fact that mass murders comprise of less than 1% of total murders in the US and that blacks commit over half the murders in the country despite being about 13% of the population. Still, the murder of several people at once will garner much more attention and since most mass murderers are supposedly white the leftist media will not waste an opportunity to push their belief that evil white males are the greatest threat to civilization.

I wanted to see if this claim was actually true, so I examined every mass murder that has occurred in the US since 2006, courtesy of USA Today. After going through the nearly 300 instances of mass murder, I was hardly surprised to find that the claim that whites were most likely to commit mass murder was completely false.

(Note: A mass murder is an incident in which at least 4 people are murdered over a short period time)

Here is the data:

There have been in 285 mass murders in America since 2006 (as of 09/02/15), 22 of which are unsolved

There are a total of 328 different attackers in these mass murders.

The racial breakdown of the attackers is as follows:

128 (39.0%) are white

126 (38.4%) are black

40 (12.2%) are hispanic

18  (5.5%) are asian

7 (2.1%) are native american

6 (1.8%) are middle eastern

3 (0.9%) are biracial

So this proves the liberals right doesn’t it? White people are the largest percentage of mass murderers! Maybe, but lets look at the demographics of America as a whole, courtesy of the 2010 Census:

62.6% white

12.5% black

16.3% hispanic

4.8% asian

0.9% native american

1.1% middle eastern

1.9% biracial

So it appears that whites are actually significantly underrepresented among mass murderers and blacks are significantly overrepresented!

Lets illustrate this in a couple of charts

race2010census racemassmurderers

(Click to enlarge)

So the left’s vicious anti-white crusade has been proven wrong again. It should also be noted that most of the unsolved cases occurred in urban ghettos so the percentage of mass murderers that are black is probably even higher.

Another interesting aspect of data is the methods of which mass murder is committed. They are as follows:

201 shootings (70.5%)

21 arsons (7.4%)

21 stabbings (7.4%)

7 beatings (2.5%)

4 stranglings (1.4%) 

1 drowning (0.35%)

1 vehicular (0.35%)

29 multiple methods (10.2%)

So about 30% of mass murders are not committed solely by guns. It’s almost like evil people will always find away to commit evil acts.

PDF of my breakdowns of each individual case

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