The daily horrors of a multicultural society, brought to you by leftist faggots.

To paraphrase the story: 14-year-old white Norwegian is kidnapped by three subhuman African apes and gang-raped repeatedly in several different locations. The three apes are arrested and go to trial. One ape gets 10 months in jail and another gets community service. The third ape didn’t even show up to his trial and instead of immediately being arrested for failure to appear, he simply got his trial postponed.

This case is similar to one in Sweden in which a Somali invader raped an 11-year-old and received 22 hours of community service. Remember that these are two of the most feminist countries on earth.

Speaking of feminists, why aren’t they outraged with these cases?

Oh wait, a puppet’s new girlfriend is skinner than his last, clearly the rape jihads aren’t as important.

Feminists really deserve a huge fuck you. They freak about trivial shit like Kermit having a thin new girlfriend or a genius scientist having a shirt with naked women on it (Matt Taylor). Of course they are silent about the rape plagues throughout Europe because they, like the police in these countries, are to scared of being called racist.

Whiny entitled black people also deserve a fuck you. You guys are always whining about oppression and white privilege, yet you follow us everywhere, ruining our schools, neighborhoods, cities and now countries because you all know deep down that you could never survive without us.

Of course the biggest fuck you goes to the faggot leftist politicians who are responsible for all of this. You guys lie and distort the media and brainwash our children into believing that “refugees” and immigrants are all innocent women and children fleeing war and poverty when in reality you know they are mostly young men with nothing but rape, jihad and gibsmedat on their minds. Of course most of you fags will be more offended by my article then the actual brutal rape of a young girl. I sincerely hope all of you get viciously attacked by a third-world savage so you will finally wake up to the cancer that is cultural marxism. As the Charlie Hebdo shootings proved, you’re pet blacks/muslims that you show to all your friends to show what a good goy you are, hate you and want to kill and dominate you.