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November 2015

Interesting Pattern Among America’s 9 Safest Cities

CBS just released a list, of the nine safest cities in America. They all have seem to have one thing in common.

9. Salem, Oregon – 1.5% Black

8. Fremont, California – 3.3% Black

7. McAllen, Texas – 1.6% Black

6. San Jose, California – 3.2% Black

5. Alexandria, Virginia – 21.0% Black

4. Cary, North Carolina – 8.0% Black

3. Bellevue, Washington – 2.3% Black

2. Honolulu, Hawaii – 1.5% Black

1. Sunnyvale, California – 2.0% black

For comparison, black people make up 13% of the total population of the US making Alexandria the only city on this list with a higher than average black population.


The Muslim Problem: Hatefacts about the Religion of Peace

In light of the massacres in Paris and the disgusting response of leftists who somehow still find a way to cuck for Islam and more refugees, I thought I’d share some facts about Muslims in the western world. This should prove that foreign muslims terrorists are not nearly as big of a threat as “European” and “American” muslims are.


In Sweden, muslims make up about 5% of the total population but 77% of rapists

In the UK, muslims gangs have raped as many as 1 million children

In France, muslims make up about 8% of the population but about 70% of those incarcerated

In the UK, 3% of the population is muslim, but they make up 11% of prisoners.

The Netherlands is 5.5% muslim, but muslims make up 20% of adult criminals an 26% of juvenile criminals (same article as above)

Moroccans and Turks make up about 2% of Belgium’s population but 16% of those incarcerated (same article as above)

In Norway, muslims are 1.5% of the population but 50% of rapists

In Oslo specifically, all rapes are committed by immigrants, almost all of whom are muslims

In Denmark, Somalis are 10 times more likely to be criminals than native Danes

Looking for a Handout

Most muslims in the western world are welfare parasites

There are a total of 50 million muslims in Europe. 80% are on welfare

80% of Turks in Germany receive welfare

50% of Somalis in the Netherlands are on welfare. 80% are unemployed.

33% of Somalis in Sweden are unemployed (same article as above)

Half of non-EU immigrants in Sweden (mostly muslims) are unemployed

In Sweden non-EU immigrants are 31.1% less likely to employed than natives. For other countries: Belgium (28.8&), the Netherlands (26.8%), France (22.0%), Finland (20.5%), Germany (20.2%) (same article as above)

In the UK, half of muslim men and 3/4 of muslim women are unemployed. The parasites cost the UK 8.6 billion pounds 

Muslims parasites are a net loss on the economy in Norway

Islamic Terror by Muslim “Americans” and “Europeans”

Virtually all Islamist attacks in the West since 9/11 have been committed by “homegrown” extremists.

Some examples:

7/7 bombings – Children of Paki and Jamaican immigrants

Fort Hood shooting – Child of Palestinian immigrants

Madrid train bombings – Children of Moroccan, Lebanese and Algerian immigrants

Lee Rigby murder – Children of Nigerian immigrants

2012 Southern France shootings – Child of Algerian immigrants

Charlie Hebdo and Porte de Vincennes attacks – Children of Algerian and Malian immigrants

November 2015 Paris attacks – Children of immigrants of various countries

Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting – Child of Algerian immigrants

They’re Incredibly Radical as a Whole

You can take them out of their countries, but you can’t take their country out of them

26% of young Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified. 35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall). 42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall). 22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified (13% overall). 29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified (25% overall).

62% of muslims in Canada want some form of sharia

40% of muslims in the UK want sharia. 1/5 support the 7/7 attacks

78% of muslims in the UK want to outlaw criticism of Islam. 28% hope the UK will one day be an Islamic republic

16% of muslim boys in Belgium support Terrorism

18% of young muslims in the UK think honor killings are justified


From looking at these statistics, it is very safe to say that Islam and the West are incompatible. The younger generation of muslims are more extreme than their parents so they are obviously not going to assimilate any time soon. Considering that muslims breed like rats, it seems likely that some countries like France and UK will be Islamic States in a few decades. Given that muslims contribute nothing but violence and despair in the western world and are getting more powerful everyday, complete expulsion of muslims from the West within the next decade or so seems like the only solution from a worldwide caliphate becoming a reality.








8 Syrians Arrested Trying Enter US Through Mexican Border

Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector.

Wow! Who could have seen this coming?! Immigrants evading laws to get to the country with the most gibs-me-dat? Color me shocked!

While I respect the many Republican governors standing up to Obama’s refugee resettlement policy for finally having balls for once, that is not enough. These Syrians (or Afghans or Pakis or Somalis) will do everything they can to get into the country as the are almost entirely Jihadists or welfare parasites. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartel will be more than happy to provide them with help. Nothing will solve the third-world immigrant problem if we do not secure our southern border.

Don’t Judge, It’s Their Culture

Drug dealer makes a crackhead lick his dog’s asshole for some free crack.

Doing what makes you feel best is the best way to live life. It totally will never have any negative consequences.

Oh and by the way, these are the people your tax dollars are going to.

Why all Leftists have Blood on Their Hands After the Paris Massacres

There are very few things more repulsive than the response by leftists to the Islamist massacres in Paris. Many of them are using the old bullshit “don’t politicize tragedies” excuse which they don’t seem to invoke whenever there’s a mass shooting. There are also he spoiled Mizzou brats whining about how their racism hoax isn’t getting as much attention as 120+ people getting massacred. Salon somehow finds a way to blame everything on the right  and perhaps most repulsive, Rolling Stone writer Jesse Berney (guess which ethnic group he belongs to!) suggests the solution is import more 3rd-world garbage into formerly peaceful white nations.

This is the second mass jihadist attack in France this year and there were two other attacks the would’ve inflicted similar carnage had they been successful. There was also the rampage by Mohammed Merah a few years ago, the chimpouts of 2005 and several less severe chimpouts since then. There have never been any severe attacks against Muslims in France during this time, so they’re not doing this because of racism. French muslims do these things because they are savages, that’s the ugly truth. Of course liberals will still lie and say it’s because of imaginary white racism and that we just have to become more multicultural. They do this because they know their immigration policies are the reason why these inbred apes in the country in the first the place, but they can never admit they are wrong, so they’ll still continue to push their destructive bullshit until Europe and America look like Africa.

Dear right-wing patriots (and working class people who vote leftist for economic reasons) of the west, the time to act is now. Leftists are not going to change. They will continue to flood your neighborhoods 3rd-world savages and call you racist for lashing when one of the apes inevitably rapes your daughter. Even if the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Big Ben and the Empire State Building are up in flames, they will still make excuses for 3rd-worlders and find away to justify more immigration and multiculturalism. If you don’t do something now, the free world and civilized world will cease to exist.

Leftism is an inherently treasonous ideology as the basic idea of it is that anyone who is failure and doesn’t contribute anything to society is somehow a victim of the people who actually do contribute to society. They can’t accept that some people are naturally superior to others.

All leftists are traitors. Every single one of them.

We Should’ve Listened

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 6.16.05 PM

Can you imagine if Obama had actually started started droning Assad in 2013? Europe would be finished by now. Expect many more attacks like this.

This is where your Tax Dollars Go

A Chicago’s woman’s 9-year-old son is assassinated because of his father. The woman’s friend starts a GoFundMe and raises $17K quickly. What does this woman do?

According to unverified Facebook posts Saturday, Lee had posted on Facebook that she had spent money from her son’s GoFundMe page on the car, then deleted her account due to overwhelming negative reaction. DNAinfo Chicago could not independently confirm this Saturday afternoon.

I know that this was money from GoFundMe, but this woman has almost certainly been on public benefits during her life and was probably buying stupid shit with it, as do many other people like her. The tax dollars of the average American go to subsidize the lives of parasites like this bitch. Hardworking people can barely afford 1 or 2 kids but Dominiqua and Juanita can shit kids like there’s no tomorrow.

Thanks LBJ.

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