A Chicago’s woman’s 9-year-old son is assassinated because of his father. The woman’s friend starts a GoFundMe and raises $17K quickly. What does this woman do?

According to unverified Facebook posts Saturday, Lee had posted on Facebook that she had spent money from her son’s GoFundMe page on the car, then deleted her account due to overwhelming negative reaction. DNAinfo Chicago could not independently confirm this Saturday afternoon.

I know that this was money from GoFundMe, but this woman has almost certainly been on public benefits during her life and was probably buying stupid shit with it, as do many other people like her. The tax dollars of the average American go to subsidize the lives of parasites like this bitch. Hardworking people can barely afford 1 or 2 kids but Dominiqua and Juanita can shit kids like there’s no tomorrow.

Thanks LBJ.