In the first month of 2016, 57 people were murdered in Chicago and a total of 299 people shot. These are increases of 78.1% and 100.7% over January 2015. Many people will blame climate change as hotter weather would let people be out more, others will blame guns and others will blame poverty and a lack of access to education. What nobody in the mainstream will note is that this massive increase has come shortly after the controversial shooting of Laquan MacDonald by a police officer. Stop and frisk has been way down as of recently and now that a certain segment of the population that control themselves is not being controlled by police, they are killing at an astonishing rate.

If this increase continues over the whole year, 2016 is on track to have close to 900 murders 6000 shootings. While this is unlikely, I would not be surprised if this year ends up with around 650 murders and 4000 shootings.

Good job Blacklivesmatter