There has been an unbelievable amount of liberal hang-wringing over Mississippi’s new religious freedom bill, and North Carolina’s bill to prevent trannies from going into the bathroom of their “identity”. The amount of backlash is unbelievable and would never be seen in any other situation. Even a state passing pro-BDS legislation would not see this kind of backlash.

North Carolina:

PayPal pulls 400 jobs, facility, from North Carolina

Google, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals and Red Ventures are also stopping investment in NC

Cuyahoga County, Ohio executive banned county employees from making any non-essential travel to NC

The Obongo administration is considering cutting billions in federal aid to NC schools, highways, and housing. (Of course this wont apply to cities that provide sanctuary to illegal ailens).

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo banned state travel to NC


The governors of Vermont, New York and Washington have banned state travel to MS

Connecticut governor Daniel Mallory has banned state travel to both MS and NC

General Electric, Pepsi and the Dow are attempting to force MS to repeal the bill

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has banned state travel to both MS and NC

Seattle mayor Ed Murray has banned city employees from traveling to MS to conduct official business.

The gays, trannies and other assorted freaks are at the top of the social hierarchy. Criticizing them is completely haram. Even Jews will get criticized if they support Israel too much or are ultra-religious.