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RIP to our cities

Some disturbing facts about our major cities (as of 2010 Census):

% not speaking English at home:

Miami: 77%

NYC: 49%

LA: 60%

Chicago: 36%

San Francisco: 45%

US total: 21%


% Foreign born:

Miami: 58%

NYC: 38%

LA: 39%

Chicago: 21%

San Francisco: 36%

US total: 13%


% Non-white:

Miami: 88%

NYC: 67%

LA: 71%

Chicago: 68%

San Francisco: 58%

US total: 36%


At least three Brussels terrorists were “refugees”

One, Khalid el Bakraoui, blew himself up at the airport, and the other two were arrested for planning attacks.

From the New Observer:

According to reports, the two men that came through Leros, Naim Al Hamed and Sofiane Ayari, used Syrian passports and were accomplices of Salah Abdeslam—in custody in Belgium for his role in the Paris attacks last November.

The third man, Khalid el Bakraoui, who blew himself up in the Brussels metro, had flown to Greece from Italy using Belgium travel documents in July but failed to raise suspicions of authorities in either country.

Ayari was arrested on March 18 along with Abdeslam in a counterterrorism raid in the Molenbeek suburb of Brussels while Al Hamed was involved in both attacks at Brussels metro and airport.

Greek police sources said that Ayari and Al Hamed had traveled by the infamous “refugee” ferry to Piraeus from Lesbos before moving on to Central and Western Europe.

I’m sure dozens of deaths and hundreds of horrific injuries are worth it as long as you get a couple dozen likes for turning your facebook profile pic to “Refugees welcome”


Suicide bombings in Brussels kill 34.

What is going to take for white people to wake up and fight back against the brown hordes engulfing their nations? It’s only been 4 months since the last mass attack in Paris, it will probably be only a month or so once ISIS launches attacks in London and Germany.

Illegal kills 5 people


An interstate manhunt ended early Wednesday near New Florence, Missouri, when police arrested a suspect wanted in five killings.

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, 36, was charged with four counts of first-degree murder after a shooting early Tuesday in Kansas City, Kansas. Serrano-Vitorino also is charged with murder in the death of a fifth man in a separate shooting across the state border in Missouri.

The guy had been deported previously in 2004, but re-entered illegally. He was supposed to be deported again but one of our genius government workers sent the detainer to the wrong sheriff’s office.

I wonder why Trump is so popular?

Illegal Kills College Girl, Posts Bond, Vanishes

On January 31, a piece of subhuman Honduran garbage named Eswin Mejia was showing off his vibrant cultural practice of street racing while intoxicated at four times the legal limit. During this display of cultural diversity, a young white woman named Sarah Root, who had just graduated Bellevue University with a 4.0 GPA, was rear ended by the illegal and killed.

This story gets even better: The illegal’s brother (also presumably an illegal) posted bail for his brother (which was only $5,000) and now the illegal has vanished. Oh and the illegal already had several warrants for his arrest but they were never served because Douglas County, Nebraska is a sanctuary city.

This is how much your government hates you, white people. They won’t deport some filthy illegal even if he has criminal record in America because “muh racism” or because some dyke judge said it was wrong.

We are not going to get out of this mess by legislating. The time for that passed long ago. We have to give the leftist government and the illegal the same shit they’re doing to us.

Welcome to the New, Vibrant America

In Mesa, Arizona, an illegal Mexican, who is also a crossdresser and a homo, has been arrested for horrifically torturing the 3-year-old daughter of a single mother. Here are some of the horrific details of the abuse:

The 3-year-old child, who had allegedly been offered up for sex, was rescued Monday after authorities found her in a trash bag surrounded by feces in a closet. She was also malnourished.


Police said they were tipped off Monday morning after a man Rios-Covarrubias had met online for sex showed up at the apartment at around 7 a.m. and noticed a bad odor.


When police arrived, they found the girl “was covered in feces wearing a diaper and T-shirt,” Meza said. Officers removed the duct tape and she was taken to the hospital.

So many aspects in this story can highlight the new, vibrant America.

We have:

  • A, strong, liberated single mom
  • A hardworking undocumented immigrant, who is also a totally normal homosexual and crossdresser

Wow, just, wow. It’s 2016, and this is so progressive! It’s not the 1950s anymore, give up your dated white supremacist patriarchal bullshit concepts like “family” and “responsibility” and “safety”. Again, it’s 2016!!!!!!

It’s stories like this really make me wish a comet would just take out this godforsaken planet before it somehow gets even worse.







Crimes Committed by “Refugees”

An Eritrean man stabbed two Swedish people to death because they “looked Swedish” and because he had been denied asylum. 

The man who attempted to attack a Paris police station on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo killings lived in a German refugee shelter 

At least two of the November 13 Paris attackers were refugees

At least 18 asylum seekers have been tied to the sexual assaults and robberies of almost 400 German women in Cologne.  Given that the actual amount of attackers is suspected of being over 1000, the actual number of refugees involved is likely much higher.

An asylum seeker from the Ivory Coast murdered an elderly couple in Sicily

A Somali refugee raped a Swedish woman to death

Refugees have gang raped women in the UK and Sweden

A Seven-year-old German girl was raped by a refugee

But hey, I guess the likes for your Facebook profile picture of “Refugees Welcome” is worth having you and your entire family hurt.


The Muslim Problem: Hatefacts about the Religion of Peace

In light of the massacres in Paris and the disgusting response of leftists who somehow still find a way to cuck for Islam and more refugees, I thought I’d share some facts about Muslims in the western world. This should prove that foreign muslims terrorists are not nearly as big of a threat as “European” and “American” muslims are.


In Sweden, muslims make up about 5% of the total population but 77% of rapists

In the UK, muslims gangs have raped as many as 1 million children

In France, muslims make up about 8% of the population but about 70% of those incarcerated

In the UK, 3% of the population is muslim, but they make up 11% of prisoners.

The Netherlands is 5.5% muslim, but muslims make up 20% of adult criminals an 26% of juvenile criminals (same article as above)

Moroccans and Turks make up about 2% of Belgium’s population but 16% of those incarcerated (same article as above)

In Norway, muslims are 1.5% of the population but 50% of rapists

In Oslo specifically, all rapes are committed by immigrants, almost all of whom are muslims

In Denmark, Somalis are 10 times more likely to be criminals than native Danes

Looking for a Handout

Most muslims in the western world are welfare parasites

There are a total of 50 million muslims in Europe. 80% are on welfare

80% of Turks in Germany receive welfare

50% of Somalis in the Netherlands are on welfare. 80% are unemployed.

33% of Somalis in Sweden are unemployed (same article as above)

Half of non-EU immigrants in Sweden (mostly muslims) are unemployed

In Sweden non-EU immigrants are 31.1% less likely to employed than natives. For other countries: Belgium (28.8&), the Netherlands (26.8%), France (22.0%), Finland (20.5%), Germany (20.2%) (same article as above)

In the UK, half of muslim men and 3/4 of muslim women are unemployed. The parasites cost the UK 8.6 billion pounds 

Muslims parasites are a net loss on the economy in Norway

Islamic Terror by Muslim “Americans” and “Europeans”

Virtually all Islamist attacks in the West since 9/11 have been committed by “homegrown” extremists.

Some examples:

7/7 bombings – Children of Paki and Jamaican immigrants

Fort Hood shooting – Child of Palestinian immigrants

Madrid train bombings – Children of Moroccan, Lebanese and Algerian immigrants

Lee Rigby murder – Children of Nigerian immigrants

2012 Southern France shootings – Child of Algerian immigrants

Charlie Hebdo and Porte de Vincennes attacks – Children of Algerian and Malian immigrants

November 2015 Paris attacks – Children of immigrants of various countries

Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting – Child of Algerian immigrants

They’re Incredibly Radical as a Whole

You can take them out of their countries, but you can’t take their country out of them

26% of young Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified. 35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall). 42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall). 22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified (13% overall). 29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified (25% overall).

62% of muslims in Canada want some form of sharia

40% of muslims in the UK want sharia. 1/5 support the 7/7 attacks

78% of muslims in the UK want to outlaw criticism of Islam. 28% hope the UK will one day be an Islamic republic

16% of muslim boys in Belgium support Terrorism

18% of young muslims in the UK think honor killings are justified


From looking at these statistics, it is very safe to say that Islam and the West are incompatible. The younger generation of muslims are more extreme than their parents so they are obviously not going to assimilate any time soon. Considering that muslims breed like rats, it seems likely that some countries like France and UK will be Islamic States in a few decades. Given that muslims contribute nothing but violence and despair in the western world and are getting more powerful everyday, complete expulsion of muslims from the West within the next decade or so seems like the only solution from a worldwide caliphate becoming a reality.








8 Syrians Arrested Trying Enter US Through Mexican Border

Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector.

Wow! Who could have seen this coming?! Immigrants evading laws to get to the country with the most gibs-me-dat? Color me shocked!

While I respect the many Republican governors standing up to Obama’s refugee resettlement policy for finally having balls for once, that is not enough. These Syrians (or Afghans or Pakis or Somalis) will do everything they can to get into the country as the are almost entirely Jihadists or welfare parasites. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartel will be more than happy to provide them with help. Nothing will solve the third-world immigrant problem if we do not secure our southern border.

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