The Jews and Israel are sacred and can not be criticized in anyway.

The Conservative party of Canada introduced a bill that would condemn all promotion of Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), a Palestinian organization that wants to prevent Israel from further encroaching on their land and massacring their people.

Of course any criticism of the home of God’s chosen people is akin to massacring children so the organization has been under constant attack by ZOG governments throughout the west, including the UK which just banned any public body from boycotting Israel.┬áThe Canadian bill passed parliament by a vote of 229-51 after winning the support of the country’s ruling Liberal party.

Throughout much of the western world, the mainstream left-wing and right-wing parties are becoming more and more polarized everyday, yet they somehow always seem to agree on doing on whatever what would be in the interest of the Jewish State of Israel such as overthrowing Bashar al-Assad or attempting to start a war with Putin.

Pure coincidence.