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Debunking the Myth that Most Mass Murderers are White

Liberals constantly point out that most mass murderers are supposedly white, of course completely ignoring the fact that mass murders comprise of less than 1% of total murders in the US and that blacks commit over half the murders in the country despite being about 13% of the population. Still, the murder of several people at once will garner much more attention and since most mass murderers are supposedly white the leftist media will not waste an opportunity to push their belief that evil white males are the greatest threat to civilization.

I wanted to see if this claim was actually true, so I examined every mass murder that has occurred in the US since 2006, courtesy of USA Today. After going through the nearly 300 instances of mass murder, I was hardly surprised to find that the claim that whites were most likely to commit mass murder was completely false.

(Note: A mass murder is an incident in which at least 4 people are murdered over a short period time)

Here is the data:

There have been in 285 mass murders in America since 2006 (as of 09/02/15), 22 of which are unsolved

There are a total of 328 different attackers in these mass murders.

The racial breakdown of the attackers is as follows:

128 (39.0%) are white

126 (38.4%) are black

40 (12.2%) are hispanic

18  (5.5%) are asian

7 (2.1%) are native american

6 (1.8%) are middle eastern

3 (0.9%) are biracial

So this proves the liberals right doesn’t it? White people are the largest percentage of mass murderers! Maybe, but lets look at the demographics of America as a whole, courtesy of the 2010 Census:

62.6% white

12.5% black

16.3% hispanic

4.8% asian

0.9% native american

1.1% middle eastern

1.9% biracial

So it appears that whites are actually significantly underrepresented among mass murderers and blacks are significantly overrepresented!

Lets illustrate this in a couple of charts

race2010census racemassmurderers

(Click to enlarge)

So the left’s vicious anti-white crusade has been proven wrong again. It should also be noted that most of the unsolved cases occurred in urban ghettos so the percentage of mass murderers that are black is probably even higher.

Another interesting aspect of data is the methods of which mass murder is committed. They are as follows:

201 shootings (70.5%)

21 arsons (7.4%)

21 stabbings (7.4%)

7 beatings (2.5%)

4 stranglings (1.4%) 

1 drowning (0.35%)

1 vehicular (0.35%)

29 multiple methods (10.2%)

So about 30% of mass murders are not committed solely by guns. It’s almost like evil people will always find away to commit evil acts.

PDF of my breakdowns of each individual case


Debunking New America’s Terrorism Study

A study has been circulating around the internet for several months that claims that white extremists are a far bigger threat to Americans than Islamists. This based on terrorist deaths since 9/11. Unsurprisingly, liberal media came in their pants when this study came out. Also unsurprising is that there are many problems with this study.

The study claims that 26 people have been killed by Jihadists and 48 by white right-wingers since 9/11, of course ignoring that 9/11 is the greatest mass slaughter of Americans since the civil war. The study also completely ignores the issue of proportions. There may be more deaths due to whites than muslims but there are far more whites than muslims in the United States.

According to 2010 U.S. Census, there were 2.77 million muslims and 198 million non-hispanic whites in America.

Muslim terrorism rate: 26 murders/2.77M = 9.4 murders per 1M

White terrorism rate: 48 murders/198M = 0.24 murders per 1M

So according to data from this study the average american muslim is about 39 times more likely to commit a terrorist murder than the average white american.

The other problem with this study is the incidences they count as terrorism. Several of right-wing attacks were just people with links to fringe groups who committed murders for various reasons. If that counts as terrorism, than the study should count the 17 murders attributed to the beltway snipers and the 5 murders at the Chattanooga recruitment station which would even the death tolls at 48.

Here are some of the incidences that stretch the definition of “terrorism” pretty far:

2004 Tulsa Bank Robbery – Father and Son were looking for money to fund attack people they felt were responsible for the Waco massacre.

2009 Ft. Walton, FL Shooting – Man kills two officers after he beats his wife. Listed as terrorism because he had an interest in anti-government groups

2010 Austin Suicide Attack – Not right-wing, even the far-left Daily Kos admits this.

2010 Carlisle, PA Murder – Man kills other man to steal an AR-15. Counted as terrorism because he claimed he wanted to overthrow the government.

2011 FEAR Militia – Militia members murder 3 associates. Counted as terrorism because they were plotting attacks against the government

2012 Tri-State Killing Spree – 2 of the 4 murders were not racially motivated.

2014 Blooming Grove Police Shooting – Not right-wing, the killer, Eric Frein, had a general dislike of law enforcement and appeared in an anti-Nazi film and would often portray communist soldiers

The study also makes no mention of leftist terrorism, like the murder of Jim Pouillion, murders of NYPD officers, the murder of two journalists a few days ago and the massacre of 8 white “racists” in 2010. There are of course the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and various mob attacks in retaliation for police killings as well.

All this study intends to do is demonize white people and people on the far-right. It takes a tiny portion of crimes that are committed and blows it up to make it seem like white rightists are killing innocent minorities and leftists all over the place. They will never mention the fact that blacks only make up 12% of the population but over half of the murderers in the country or the countless amount of crimes committed by illegal Mexicans. All they want to do is further demonize whites and traditionalists so they can move closer towards their ultimate goal of destroying western society.

Unemployment Falls to 5.3%

Unemployment has fallen to 5.3%, the lowest rate in 7 years. Thanks Obama! You’re so awesome!

Except this is completely misleading. The only reason unemployment is down is because people have dropped out of the labor force.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“The civilian labor force declined by 432,000 in June, following an increase of similar magnitude in May. The labor force participation rate declined by 0.3 percentage point to 62.6 percent in June. The employment-population ratio, at 59.3 percent, was essentially unchanged in June and has shown little movement thus far this year.”

While 223k jobs were added in June, 432k people stopped working, so that accounts to a net loss of 209k. The labor force participation is at it’s lowest in 38 years.

The median weekly wage has not moved since 2008 (accounting for inflation and using 1982-1984 dollars for constant), and according to the Census, the median household income decreased over $2000 between 2009 and 2013. 95% percent of income gains between 2009 to 2012 went to the top 1%.

I think its safe to say that the Obama “recovery” is complete bullshit. Most people are working less and making less. It’s safe to say he’s just another corporate puppet.

Of course the Rhodes Scholars over at the Huffington Post can’t comprehend any of this and claim that things are so much better than they were when Obama entered office. I guess anything positive happening is because of Obama and anything negative happening is because of republicans not letting Obama do anything. A+ logic.

Gay Business Owner Faked Hate Crime

A few weeks ago liberal media was abuzz over hate crime against a gay pizzeria owner, in which he had “die fag” carved into his arm and then had his house vandalized.

Expect it was all bullshit.

From The Washington Times

“Mr. Tolman, the defense attorney, said his client didn’t have any criminal intent and the outpouring of support after the accusations became public still was a good message.”

I guess igniting tensions is fine as long as it feeds your victim complex and pushes leftist goals on the community.

Rick Jones, the faker, joins a long list of people who have faked hate crimes over the last few years. It’s almost as if lots of people see some sort of reward in being seen as a victim. I’m sure the fact that liberals act like personal bigotries are worse than rape, murder, war and aids combined has nothing to do with this.

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