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Oregon Protestors vs. Chicago Gang Members

I’m sure everyone head about the evil far-right nazi kkk white supreeeeemist domestic terrorist thugs occupying a small federal outpost in Oregon. Given how hysterical the leftist reaction is to this group, who they’ve referred to as “Yall Qaeda” and “Vanilla ISIS”, I thought it was worth comparing this group to the Democratic party’s voting base: Black and Latino gang members in Chicago.

Number of people shot in 2016 by:

  • Oregon protestors: 0
  • Black and Latino Chicagoans: 64 (as of 11 PM January 6, 2016)


  • Oregon protestors: Angry that the Federal Government has been encroaching on their land and overcharging them for minor crimes
  • Black and Latino Chicagoans: Angry they didn’t get enough money from dem programs



Debunking the Myth that Most Mass Murderers are White

Liberals constantly point out that most mass murderers are supposedly white, of course completely ignoring the fact that mass murders comprise of less than 1% of total murders in the US and that blacks commit over half the murders in the country despite being about 13% of the population. Still, the murder of several people at once will garner much more attention and since most mass murderers are supposedly white the leftist media will not waste an opportunity to push their belief that evil white males are the greatest threat to civilization.

I wanted to see if this claim was actually true, so I examined every mass murder that has occurred in the US since 2006, courtesy of USA Today. After going through the nearly 300 instances of mass murder, I was hardly surprised to find that the claim that whites were most likely to commit mass murder was completely false.

(Note: A mass murder is an incident in which at least 4 people are murdered over a short period time)

Here is the data:

There have been in 285 mass murders in America since 2006 (as of 09/02/15), 22 of which are unsolved

There are a total of 328 different attackers in these mass murders.

The racial breakdown of the attackers is as follows:

128 (39.0%) are white

126 (38.4%) are black

40 (12.2%) are hispanic

18  (5.5%) are asian

7 (2.1%) are native american

6 (1.8%) are middle eastern

3 (0.9%) are biracial

So this proves the liberals right doesn’t it? White people are the largest percentage of mass murderers! Maybe, but lets look at the demographics of America as a whole, courtesy of the 2010 Census:

62.6% white

12.5% black

16.3% hispanic

4.8% asian

0.9% native american

1.1% middle eastern

1.9% biracial

So it appears that whites are actually significantly underrepresented among mass murderers and blacks are significantly overrepresented!

Lets illustrate this in a couple of charts

race2010census racemassmurderers

(Click to enlarge)

So the left’s vicious anti-white crusade has been proven wrong again. It should also be noted that most of the unsolved cases occurred in urban ghettos so the percentage of mass murderers that are black is probably even higher.

Another interesting aspect of data is the methods of which mass murder is committed. They are as follows:

201 shootings (70.5%)

21 arsons (7.4%)

21 stabbings (7.4%)

7 beatings (2.5%)

4 stranglings (1.4%) 

1 drowning (0.35%)

1 vehicular (0.35%)

29 multiple methods (10.2%)

So about 30% of mass murders are not committed solely by guns. It’s almost like evil people will always find away to commit evil acts.

PDF of my breakdowns of each individual case

Incomplete List of Black-on-White Mass Murders

After the leftist media completely ignored the massacre of 8 people, including six children, by a black man in Houston, I thought I’d do some research into black-on-white massacres and how the media covered them. I wasn’t surprised that there were very many cases and that many of them received no national media coverage.

Here is an incomplete list of black-on-white mass murders:

(*) indicates case did not generate national media coverage

Some older cases

Chicago, Illinois, 1972: Black gang of Vietnam veterans calling themselves “De Mau Mau” kill 12 whites in serial attacks.*

Saint Croix, Virgin Islands, September 6, 1972: Gang of 5 blacks murders and robs 8 whites and injures 8 more while shouting racial slurs.*

New Orleans, Louisiana, December 31 1972-January 7 1973: Ex-Black Panther Mark Essex goes on rampage targeting white people. He kills 9 people, including 5 police officers and injures 13 more before being killed.

San Francisco, California, 1973-74: Known as the Zebra murders, a group of black muslims calling themselves “Death Angels” kill 16 whites and injure 8 more in serial attacks. May have killed up to 80 victims.

Ogden, Utah, April 22, 1974: “Hi-Fi murders”, two black airmen rape, rob and torture five white people. Three died and the other two are permanently injured.

Kilgore, Texas, September 23, 1983: Five white employees of a KFC are murdered during a robbery by two black cousins and an unknown third perpetrator.

California, December 7, 1987: David Burke, who’d been fired from his airline job for drug-smuggling, gets on a plane and causes it to crash, killing himself and 42 others. The crew was all white and I assume that passengers were mostly white as well.*

Jacksonville, Florida, June 17-18, 1990: James Edward Pough goes on a killing spree at a General Motors office, killing 11 and injuring 6, mostly white.

Long Island, New York, December 7, 1993: Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson, who wanted to start a race war, kills 6 white people and injures 19 more on the Long Island Railroad

Aurora, Colorado, December 13, 1993: Nathan Dunlap murders 4 former co-workers at the Chuck E. Cheese where he used to work.

Kilgore, Texas, July 21, 1994: DaRoyce Mosley and two accomplices kill 4 whites in a robbery.*

Some more recent cases

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 9, 1996: Clifton McCree, who wanted to “punish some of the cowardly, racist devils”, kills 5 white ex-coworkers before killing himself.

Aiken, South Carolina, September 15, 1997: Hastings Wise goes on a rampage at former workplace, killing 4 white people and injuring 3 others before attempting suicide.*

Wichita, Kansas. December 2000: Two black brothers go on a week long crime spree that results in the robbery, rape, torture and murder of 5 white people and serious injury of another.

Deltona, Florida, August 6, 2004: 4 men, 3 black and 1 white, murder 6 people, 5 white 1 black, over an Xbox and a few other possessions. 

Richmond, Virginia, January 1, 2006: White family of 4 is robbed and brutally killed by three blacks. They are linked to four other murders.

Indianapolis, Indiana, June 1, 2006: White/Mestizo family of 7 is killed by two blacks.

Reno, Nevada, October 31, 2006: 12 people are killed (race unknown but most residents appear to be white) and 30 are injured at a fire at the Mizpah hotel. The arsonist is Valerie Moore, a black woman who had previously served time for murder.*

Tinley Park, Illinois, February 2, 2008: Unknown black man robs Lane Bryant store and kills 5 women, three white.

Kirkwood, Missouri, February 7, 2008: Charles Thornton kills six white people over a legal dispute.*

Oakland, California, March 21, 2009: Black ex-con Lovelle Mixon kills 4 white police officers.

Pearcy, Arkansas, November 12, 2009: Three blacks murder 5 white family members for rims.*

Parkland, Washington, November 29, 2009: Black ex-con Maurice Clemmons kills 4 white police officers.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 26, 2010: Two blacks kill two white women and two children.*

Manchester, Connecticut, August 3, 2010: Omar Thornton gets fired from his job and returns to his workplace with two guns and kills 8 white “racists” before killing himself.*

Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 7, 2011: Roderick Dantzler goes “hunting” mudshark ex-girlfriends and their families. Kills 7 before killing himself. *

Denver, Colorado, October 27, 2012: Three blacks murder 5 white people in a bar for $170.*

Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 7, 2013: Two black brothers kill 4 white women in a robbery.*

Southern California, February 2013: Chris Dorner goes on a rampage against police “racists” killing 4 before being killed.

Washington DC, September 16, 2013: Black veteran Aaron Alexis kills 12 people, 8 white, at a navy yard.

Kansas City, Missouri, September 2, 2014: Black ex-con Brandon Howell kills 5 white people in robberies.*

Washington DC, May 14, 2015: Daron Wint kills a white family of 4 in a robbery.

I got most of these from looking through USA Today’s database on mass killings. There were a few cases in there that I strongly suspected were black-on-white but couldn’t find enough info on. The database only goes back to 2006 and judging by the rate of black-on-white mass murders occurring since them, it’d be safe to assume that there were dozens of black-on-white massacres between the 1970s and 2005.

I also did not count black serial killers unless they specifically targeted white people because of their race. I could’ve easily tacked Coral Watts or Derrick Todd Lee to this list.

Yeah, but white people are the ones causing all the racial violence.

Leftist Media’s Hypocrisy Regarding Houston Massacre


Late Saturday night, a 48-year-old black man named David Conley broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend and shot her, her husband, and her six children. He then shot at police before surrendering to police a few hours later.

Did you hear about this? You very well may not have. Seems crazy that you wouldn’t hear about a man massacring eight people, including six children, with a gun. Sounds like a liberal’s wet dream.

The reason you didn’t hear about this is in the opening sentence of this article, the shooter was black and taken alive, even after shooting at police. This story is liberal kryptonite. A black man going on a killing spree wrecks their retarded fantasy that gun violence is a white problem, of course ignoring the daily masses of black gun violence in pretty much every major city in the country. It also has a black man being taken alive after shooting at police. You’ve probably seen some picture of comparisons between white mass murderers who were taken alive, like James Holmes and Dylann Roof, and black people who’d been killed by police like Mike Brown and Eric Garner. However, this incident proves how bullshit and cherry-picked these examples are. You could easily compare Conley, John Muhammad, Lee Malvo, Jesse Wise, Nidal Hasan, Colin Ferguson or Nathan Dunlap to some unarmed white person killed by police.

Most media outlets did not pick up on the story until hours after it happened. There wasn’t even a wikipedia article on it until a day after it happened. There were no twitter hashtags or any smug liberals making pleas for gun-grabbing. Only 1 less black person died in this incident than in the Charleston tragedy. Why weren’t their any campaigns to get some flag removed? Four times as many people died in this shooting than in the Lafayette theater shooting las month. That incident was picked up instantly and had Amy Schumer and her scumbag cousin Chuck Schumer making pleas for gun-grabbing as well as lots of twitter users whining about “muh evil white priveledged patriarchy nra republicans micro-assault high-capacity clip military grade AK-15 shotguns”. The only reason these shootings received far more attention is because they fit into the leftist media fantasy about evil right-wing white males shooting innocent people.

If you still don’t believe in media narrative and liberal dominance of media, then your beyond helping.

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