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Gun-Grabbing Commences

How long until this is nationwide?

California passed AB104, in light of the killing rampage by Elliot Rodger on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista. The bill will allow police to seize someone’s legally owned guns as long as a family member feels as though they are a risk. Rodger’s parents had as police to check on him before the rampage, but when they interviewed him, they felt they had no reason to search is home. He was stockpiling handguns and ammunition is his bedroom.

Of course there are few other variables to this story.

  1. Rodger’s parents had no idea he owned any firearms so this bill wouldn’t have prevented anything
  2. California already has very strict gun laws
  3. Half of Rodger’s victims were either stabbed or run over with his car

This bill also leaves us with an unsettling possible future:

If the family member has no idea if their relative has any weapons, it’s reasonable to suspect that eventually they’ll allow police to raid people’s houses just because someone says they may be bad. That’s terrifying.

It should not come as a surprise that a bill like this would come out of California. While most average conservatives or libertarians would attribute to California being a mostly Democrat-run state, the reason actually lies in the state’s demographics. California has among the highest population of hispanics and immigrants as a portion of the population of any state. If you were to poll the tenets of the Constitution in most Hispanic or immigrant areas, it would be soundly rejected. As they continue to grow in their proportion of the population, we will see more of the traditional American rights this country was founded on will slip away.

Something must be done.


Pentagon Training More Syrian “Rebels”; False Flag Imminent

The Pentagon is currently training two classes of Syrian “rebels” to fight ISIS. This is of course ignoring the fact that the original Syrian “rebels” were ISIS. The first class of 54 rebels, deployed last month, was a complete failure. 1 was killed, 5 were captured and the rest “vanished” which means they’re fighting for ISIS now.

Intelligence officials also stated today that ISIS may now be capable of carrying out 9/11-magnitude attacks instead of just inspiring lone wolves. Geez, wonder where their sudden sophistication in attacks has come from? Seeing as the US is now planning on training several thousands of “rebels”, it’s safe to say that a mass-casualty ISIS attack will happen soon. It may not be as large as 9/11, and probably won’t occur in America as Europe’s open border along the Mediterranean makes it an easy target, but it will happen and the US government will no doubt use it as an excuse to spy on their own citizens even more than it already does.

Foreign policy is pretty much the only issue I care about anymore. I get pissed off at gay/tranny/social justice bullshit and riots, but none of these are anywhere near the imminent threat that an open border and reckless interventionist policy is. I’ve documented the crimes that Mexico’s garbage is inflicting on America, but I haven’t talked about interventionism. In case you couldn’t guess, I’m not a fan of it. All it does is serve the interests of Saudi oil barons and Israel. All recent wars in US history have been fought on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia. American politicians don’t give a shit about the American people and only serve the wealthiest of the wealthiest and keep the public scared with false flag attacks so they can move towards totally surveilled society (ex. everyone will likely be microchipped soon). Republicans and democrats are on the same team. It’s time to wake up America, your government hates you.

Obama’s Race Database

Obama’s ever increasing fed has been scrutinizing data from loans, places of work, schools and credit cards to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites. This comes shortly after Obama said he’d try to make way for more affordable housing in wealthy areas. Like your nice, safe middle-class neighborhood? Well you’re about to be flooded with Section 8 trash because they deserve “equal opportunity”. It can’t be that there is a specific reason why some people remain in poverty, no, it’s always the fault of you, the white middle-class taxpayer.

This really shows the horrors of a big federal government. The liberals have pumped up the federal government ridiculously over the past 50 years and now look what we have, a government that continues to spy on us without fear while it is all publicly known. Elected local officials can no longer be the ones to help out with their communities, no, it has be some unelected bureaucrat living 500 miles away.

I hope that many local officials will defy King Barry’s orders, but I don’t doubt for a second that some slimy liberal journalist will have their face plastered all over the media and have everyone calling them a racist while getting them fired and releasing all their personal information. Sounds like a really fair, equal society.

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