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Chicago’s January Disaster

In the first month of 2016, 57 people were murdered in Chicago and a total of 299 people shot. These are increases of 78.1% and 100.7% over January 2015. Many people will blame climate change as hotter weather would let people be out more, others will blame guns and others will blame poverty and a lack of access to education. What nobody in the mainstream will note is that this massive increase has come shortly after the controversial shooting of Laquan MacDonald by a police officer. Stop and frisk has been way down as of recently and now that a certain segment of the population that control themselves is not being controlled by police, they are killing at an astonishing rate.

If this increase continues over the whole year, 2016 is on track to have close to 900 murders 6000 shootings. While this is unlikely, I would not be surprised if this year ends up with around 650 murders and 4000 shootings.

Good job Blacklivesmatter

Welcome to the New, Vibrant America

In Mesa, Arizona, an illegal Mexican, who is also a crossdresser and a homo, has been arrested for horrifically torturing the 3-year-old daughter of a single mother. Here are some of the horrific details of the abuse:

The 3-year-old child, who had allegedly been offered up for sex, was rescued Monday after authorities found her in a trash bag surrounded by feces in a closet. She was also malnourished.


Police said they were tipped off Monday morning after a man Rios-Covarrubias had met online for sex showed up at the apartment at around 7 a.m. and noticed a bad odor.


When police arrived, they found the girl “was covered in feces wearing a diaper and T-shirt,” Meza said. Officers removed the duct tape and she was taken to the hospital.

So many aspects in this story can highlight the new, vibrant America.

We have:

  • A, strong, liberated single mom
  • A hardworking undocumented immigrant, who is also a totally normal homosexual and crossdresser

Wow, just, wow. It’s 2016, and this is so progressive! It’s not the 1950s anymore, give up your dated white supremacist patriarchal bullshit concepts like “family” and “responsibility” and “safety”. Again, it’s 2016!!!!!!

It’s stories like this really make me wish a comet would just take out this godforsaken planet before it somehow gets even worse.







Chicago Crime Soars as Stop and Frisk Goes Down

Chicago, my hometown and one of the most culturally vibrant cities in America, is currently seeing a shocking increase in violent crime. In the first 15 days of 2016, the oppressed black and hispanic youths have racked up this impressive scorecard:

Shot & Killed: 25 (+150% from same period in 2015)

Shot & Wounded: 132 (+175%)

Total Shot: 157 (+171%)

Total Homicides: 25 (+108%)

Keep in mind that 2015, was a significantly more violent year than usual.


A hot topic in Chicago recently has been police brutality, mostly due to the release of the dashcam video of black teenager Laquan McDonald being killed by a white police officer in October 2014. Leftist activists from across the nation have continued the demand for evil KKK white supreemist nazi cops to stop oppressing aspiring rappers and good boys and their communities. In Chicago at least, it seems like they’ve been getting their wish as of lately:

In the first 11 days of the year, officers filed just 3,916 investigative stop reports compared to 16,698 during the same time period last year, according to police data.

That’s a 79-percent decrease, and arguably evidence that officers are avoiding the kind of proactive policing better known as the “stop-and-frisk” investigative stops pushed by former top cop Garry McCarthy. That approach led to thousands of gun arrests and illegal guns being confiscated every year.

Indeed, gun confiscations and arrest are each down more than 35 percent this year.

So stop and frisk is down 79% and total shootings are up 171%. I’m sure these two things can’t possibly be related, right?


This issue also leads me to entirely unrelated point. I used to be a libertarian and was staunchly opposed to any form of aggressive policing such as stop-and-frisk. However, ever since the Ferguson debacle, which brought a more a critical eye towards policing, police have been considerably less aggressive in policing and crime has soared. This is why I am no longer a libertarian. A society without an aggressive police force is preferable, but it is simply not possible when you have large number of “vibrant” individuals in the population.






New Twitter

My old twitter @pinchicagoo  has been suspended. I never spammed and I never threatened violence or did anything illegal, but I still got banned.

I have appealed the suspension and could get the account back. In the meantime, my twitter is @WN_Paul.

Crimes Committed by “Refugees”

An Eritrean man stabbed two Swedish people to death because they “looked Swedish” and because he had been denied asylum. 

The man who attempted to attack a Paris police station on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo killings lived in a German refugee shelter 

At least two of the November 13 Paris attackers were refugees

At least 18 asylum seekers have been tied to the sexual assaults and robberies of almost 400 German women in Cologne.  Given that the actual amount of attackers is suspected of being over 1000, the actual number of refugees involved is likely much higher.

An asylum seeker from the Ivory Coast murdered an elderly couple in Sicily

A Somali refugee raped a Swedish woman to death

Refugees have gang raped women in the UK and Sweden

A Seven-year-old German girl was raped by a refugee

But hey, I guess the likes for your Facebook profile picture of “Refugees Welcome” is worth having you and your entire family hurt.


Oregon Protestors vs. Chicago Gang Members

I’m sure everyone head about the evil far-right nazi kkk white supreeeeemist domestic terrorist thugs occupying a small federal outpost in Oregon. Given how hysterical the leftist reaction is to this group, who they’ve referred to as “Yall Qaeda” and “Vanilla ISIS”, I thought it was worth comparing this group to the Democratic party’s voting base: Black and Latino gang members in Chicago.

Number of people shot in 2016 by:

  • Oregon protestors: 0
  • Black and Latino Chicagoans: 64 (as of 11 PM January 6, 2016)


  • Oregon protestors: Angry that the Federal Government has been encroaching on their land and overcharging them for minor crimes
  • Black and Latino Chicagoans: Angry they didn’t get enough money from dem programs


Chicago 2015 Crime Wrap-up

Chicago crime increased quite a bit this past year. Hear the data according to HeyJackass. In parentheses is the difference from 2014.

499 homicides (+8.5%)

2995 total shootings (+14.4%)

9 police killings (-47.1%)

25 total police shootings  (-44.4%)

I’m sure these two things totally can’t be related.

Gun-Grabbing Commences

How long until this is nationwide?

California passed AB104, in light of the killing rampage by Elliot Rodger on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista. The bill will allow police to seize someone’s legally owned guns as long as a family member feels as though they are a risk. Rodger’s parents had as police to check on him before the rampage, but when they interviewed him, they felt they had no reason to search is home. He was stockpiling handguns and ammunition is his bedroom.

Of course there are few other variables to this story.

  1. Rodger’s parents had no idea he owned any firearms so this bill wouldn’t have prevented anything
  2. California already has very strict gun laws
  3. Half of Rodger’s victims were either stabbed or run over with his car

This bill also leaves us with an unsettling possible future:

If the family member has no idea if their relative has any weapons, it’s reasonable to suspect that eventually they’ll allow police to raid people’s houses just because someone says they may be bad. That’s terrifying.

It should not come as a surprise that a bill like this would come out of California. While most average conservatives or libertarians would attribute to California being a mostly Democrat-run state, the reason actually lies in the state’s demographics. California has among the highest population of hispanics and immigrants as a portion of the population of any state. If you were to poll the tenets of the Constitution in most Hispanic or immigrant areas, it would be soundly rejected. As they continue to grow in their proportion of the population, we will see more of the traditional American rights this country was founded on will slip away.

Something must be done.

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